Bogong Village was built in the 1940s to house workers on the pioneering Kiewa hydro electricity scheme. At its peak, the village had its own school, which still stands today, and a police station.

It later served as a holiday village for employees of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC).

With the privatisation of the SEC, the sublease for the village was put out to tender. With no successful applicants, it was planned to demolish the village and restore the area to bush land.

A consortium of businessmen (Bogong Alpine Village Pty Ltd), along with the broader community, lobbied the Government and was successful in obtaining the sublease, effectively saving the village from destruction. It is a requirement of this lease that the village be operated as a high-quality publicly accessible resort offering short-term accommodation, restaurant and snack bar services, and recreation facilities with common areas open to the public.

In the years that followed, under-leases for the majority of the lots in the village were sold to individual stakeholders, subsequently referred to as the under-lessees.

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